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My name is Aljona and I am a photographer from Tallinn, Estonia.

A photographer who over time has also become a videographer. This all began after my son’s birth when I wanted to take his photos with a reflex camera. My husband gifted me with such a camera, but having professional equipment alone does not automatically result in good pictures. In 2017, I had to take a course in photography and dive deeper into the field.

During the course, I became interested in taking pictures of animals, as strange as it may seem. In ninety-nine percent of cases ‒ dogs. I then expanded my horizons and began taking photos of children and their families, homey lifestyle pictures. The next step was family videography. I love to take short family videos.

I have always loved to observe the surrounding world silently and now this is reflected in my work.

Фотограф и видеограф Алена Селиванова
Фотограф и видеограф Алена Селиванова


Kids Lifestyle
Family videography
Female portrait
Pets Lifestyle
— Karl Lagerfeld

«What I like about photographs is that they capture a moment that’s gone forever, impossible to reproduce»

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I work with different and amazing people: mothers and their little ones. With people that help animals to find a home. With pet owners, bloggers who need video content, and charities. I am extremely glad to be of help and I love my work.

I am glad to meet new people and I am open to new ideas. Ideas are different. I will happily review creative and commercial proposals made by clients and colleagues. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to write to me.

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